Euthissa Care Technology Pvt Ltd.

Established in 2018, Euthissa Care Technology is classified as a Private Limited Company.

  • Euthissa Care Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a new organization that dreams to be the most valued organization in terms of reliability, customer satisfaction and bring digital systems all over India thereby becoming a growth catalyst for our esteemed clients and the country.
  • Our first step is bringing digitalization in Indian Schools. Our 'Live Student Tracking System' will add value to a School’s image by showing the parents that they care for the security of their children. It will also reduce irregularities and bunks of the students. Also our 'School Management System' will help School authorities to simplify the whole administration work, save time and resources.
  • Our home-grown product 'DoctoGenie' is tailor made to provide immediate medical attention to Senior Citizens, Disabled People & Pregnant Women in cases of medical emergencies.
  • We also cater to providing various Software Solutions (SaaS) like Attendance Management System, Parking Management System, Restaurant Management System etc as per our customer's needs.

At Euthissa, we care about delivering valuable digital solutions to our business and our customers. That’s the source of our fulfillment and the measure of our success. We Embrace a solution-centered attitude that proactively engages the problem or opportunities.We develop Fresh ideas and then work together to push towards achieving the best results.