DineOnline : Contactless Dining

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has now spread across the entire globe and the recovery of the hospitality industry will likely take a while. It is already clear that the coronavirus can spread through touching contaminated surfaces. This puts establishments such as your restaurant on the spot as most of the surface is shared by different people every day. While cleaning and disinfecting tables is a good start, there is still one thing that people need and share- Menu Cards. So how can you eliminate the sharing of physical menus between customers? The answer is simple; replace the menu with a scannable QR Code!

Save on Printing Costs: Menus get shared a lot, which results in wear and tear, thereby requiring timely changes of the Card. But with a QR Code replacing the physical menu, you only have to print the Code onto surfaces where it’s easily accessible and scannable from, such as on the wall of your restaurant, at the window, on the door, or even on the table itself.